Caleb is a pianist and composer currently based in Copenhagen.





Two albums of improvised piano music- reflecting the environment and mood of the moment.


 The songs and fragments here were recorded live over a 2 week stay in a dear friend's apartment in the Södermalm quarter of Stockholm. These improvisations are an attempt to reflect each moment as it was felt at the time.

By listening, we can bring ourselves into the experiencing of each moment as it is, without story, without memory or expectation. Here lies a great Peace.

With love and thanks to Jonathan, Elin, Ruth and Nell, Mum and Dad, friends and family.

Cover photo: Ruth Foster






 For many years Caleb was based in West London, living in Shepherds Bush, close to the main roundabout where there was (and still is) the unremitting noise of traffic and sirens. It is always busy (as are many parts of London) with thousands of people passing through each day. These recordings were an attempt to find some calm within that hectic environment and to re-connect with that sense of inner peace that resides in us all, if only we can give ourselves the time and space to listen.

Cover artwork: Sara Mathilde Øster saramathilde.com