Caleb Fawcett is a pianist and composer, currently based in Denmark.

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15th June 2020 


I am happy to announce that my Youtube channel and Youtube Topic channel have now been merged into an Official Artist Channel so all my albums and uploaded music can now be found under the same page. Check it out here.

And I'm very excited that album Lullabies is nearly ready for release - it should be available around the middle of August. Precise release date to follow soon. This will be the cover art.


16th May 2020 

Hello everyone

Just an update as to what I've been doing during this peculiar time of enforced lockdown due to the Covid 19 virus. 

This website is now fully functional, and all albums are now available to buy, either on the Music for Dance page, or the Piano Music page.

I have been working on a couple of new projects - another album of ballet music, 'Ballet en Todas Partes', commissioned by Patrica Cuenca, a sound/video technician at Ballet Nacional del Sodre in Uruguay, as a gift for the company dancers. I am happy to announce that this will be made available to all dancers later on in the year.

I have also been working on an album of piano lullabies, dedicated to a number of wonderful children, it has been my privilege to watch grow up. This will be released in the summer, so watch this space!

In addition, I have recently set up a You Tube channel where I have been posting some improvised piano meditations. Check it out here. I am still waiting for YouTube to incorporate my Topic Channel into my Official Channel, but hopefully it will be just a matter of weeks (!)