Caleb Fawcett is a pianist and composer, currently based in Denmark.

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24th February 2022 

So I'm very happy to announce the release of my latest album! Called Meditations, it a series of improvised piano meditations. Available here or through your favourite music store or streaming service.

In other news I am currently working on a remaster of the album Ballet Class: Pro Series 1, which should be out very soon. I will also soon begin work on a new album of piano music for ballet class, as well as continuing to explore more experimental sounds with the project, Myshkin. So plenty to keep me busy.

And I should also add that the next episode of the inspiring podcast series The World We Want is out now. Youth leaders from around the world discuss ideas and solutions to the challenges facing our planet today. This episode features Máximo Mazzocco from Argentina, founder and director of Eco House Global.

28th December 2021 

Well some of you may be wondering, where is the album of piano meditations that was promised before Christmas? Good question! Unfortunately my computer hard drive crashed just as I was finishing the project in November, along with the back-up, so the release date has been pushed back until the spring. The good news is that I have managed to recover the original recordings so not all is lost. I have also managed to retrieve the photos taken in the summer at the beach close to where I am living at the moment - one of which has become the album cover. Here is a sneak preview.



In the meantime I wish everyone a wonderful New Year. I hope in 2022 we will be able to meet each other with Love, not judgement; to celebrate our differences without condemnation; and to face the challenges ahead with open hearts.

3rd November 2021 


As promised last time - here is a link to the podcast "The World We Want - Youth Voices on Climate and Health", for which I (as Myshkin) wrote the music. Listening to these inspiring people gives me hope that the challenges facing our society with regard to climate, social inequality and health are being taken seriously by many, even if our current leaders are dragging their feet in enacting the changes needed to address these challenges.

In other news, my album of piano meditations is coming along nicely. I am aiming for a release early next month.  

And I have very much enjoyed to recently reconnect with a project called "Los Escarabajos" - a band of insects playing original songs for children. Listen here  

Until next time!




15th Sept 2021 

Well it seems my monthly newsletter is as irregular as ever. No matter. This is what's going on.

I am very happy to say that my latest album of piano music for ballet class is finally available!


Extensive re-mastering, delays in distribution and a long illness have all meant that this spring release has become a late summer release (ok, early autumn), but I am very pleased to announce it at last.

A big thanks to the dancers who contributed photos for the front cover. (See album page for details)

Ballet Everywhere can now be purchased here. It should also be available on the usual online stores and streaming services within a week or two.




I have now begun work on an album of piano meditations - due to be out before Christmas (no, really)

And my alter ego, Myshkin has been asked to compose some music for a podcast commissioned by PMAC (The Prince Mahidol Award Conference), one of the world’s largest health conferences. (https://pmac2022.com/). The podcast is being produced by the Swedish Institute For Global Health Transformation (https://sight.nu/) and FosterMedia (www.fostermedia.se)

The podcast will be discussing actions needed create a healthier, fairer, greener society. Youth Leaders from around the world will be interviewed and asked what they expect from the upcoming COP 26 meeting, as well as other climate and health related issues.

I will post a link when it is aired next month. I am very much looking forward to listen to it!

Until next time..


24th Feb 20201 

So another month has gone by in a flash. We enjoyed a brief period with some snow, but now it seems spring is soon on it's way.

In the absence of any live gigs, I have been busy practicing the piano and working on some new tunes. I came across a lovely website called pianobook, a community where composers and musicians can upload their own sampled instruments (mostly pianos). Set up by Christian Henson of Spitfire Audio, it's a treasure trove of interesting instruments. It has encouraged me to look into sampling my own 'characterful' upright piano, as well as providing the sound of a 'winter felt piano' for this 'winter love song'

I have also been making some short films of the surrounding countryside - to be accompanied by some more piano meditations. Look out for upcoming videos on YouTube.

I will shortly begin work preparing the release of the album of ballet class music I recorded last year for Ballet Nacional del Sodre.

Hoping for a swift end of lockdown. All the best until next time.