24th Feb 20201

So another month has gone by in a flash. We enjoyed a brief period with some snow, but now it seems spring is soon on it's way.

In the absence of any live gigs, I have been busy practicing the…


18th Jan 20201

Hello to one and all

As you can see, this edition of my 'monthly' newsletter is somewhat overdue. A combination of life circumstances, an overactive sense of self criticism and a tendency to enjoy sitting quietly with a nice cup…

15th June 2020


I am happy to announce that my Youtube channel and Youtube Topic channel have now been merged into an Official Artist Channel so all my albums and uploaded music can now be found under the same page. Check it…


16th May 2020

Hello everyone

Just an update as to what I've been doing during this peculiar time of enforced lockdown due to the Covid 19 virus. 

This website is now fully functional, and all albums are now available to buy, either on…